Our refund policy.

All sales are final. We do not offer refunds, returns or exchange, of any kind. We will exchange items that arrive damaged in transit or defected. Our packaging team is very efficient at checking for quality before being shipped out but if you received something damaged you have 14 days from the date you received the item to take a photo of the damage and email it to info@heygianna.com along with your name, shipping address and proof of purchase order number. 

Why no returns or exchanges? You may ask.. 

Promotional shoutouts and marketing services can not be reversed, theres no way to go back in time and remove the post from the internet, and remove it from peoples brain who already interacted with it, nor can the traffic it has already produced be taken back, so the service we provided must be paid for.

Theres no refund on snapchat lifetime access, even if you chose to not take part in a lifetime access, the fee is for you to be given access to it initially, once access is given and used, you can not refund, return or exchange, no exceptions. 

For our mystery boxes, the only exception for a mystery box is if an item inside is damaged, then we will gladly replace it for you! Just send an email with photos of the damaged product along with you full name, shipping address and order number.

Custom videos are custom! They are made to order, and can not be reused or resold, nor can the time it took to make it be replaced. So make sure you include details on your custom and once we confirm it, it goes into que to be created, its a one of a kind product so there are no refunds or exchanged whats so ever.